Support musical artists while growing your business

Our platform allows businesses to turn their in-store speaker systems into for-profit radio stations.

Generate revenue from your in-store speaker system

Up and coming musical artists use our platform to share their music and grow their fanbase. Businesses can create playlists from their songs and get paid each time they play a track in their establishment.

Custom playlists to fit your atmosphere

Businesses will be able to easily and quickly search through music on our platform to craft unique playlists that fit the mood they want for their business. They will also have access to an ever expanding library of pre-crafted playlists to choose from.

Full control over your radio station

Not only will businesses have full control over what music is played, they will also be able to control how much to charge per play. This will include tools that allow for dynamic pricing to adjust the charge to account for time of day, day of the week, if there are any local events happening, etc.

Maximize your revenue potential

We want businesses to make the most profit they can from our service. As such, we will be introducing tools to help them maximize their profit. We will also be introducing tiered and alternative revenue streams for businesses to utilize.