Discover a new way to share your music

Our service offers up and coming musical artists a pay-per-play tool to have their music streamed into public businesses through in-store speaker systems.

Pay-for-play at affordable rates

With tourless, Artists will be able to get their tracks played for as low as $0.10 per play. Businesses will be able to adjust their rates based on their personal needs and preferences but we will work to ensure that they marketplace stays affordable and accessible.

Find the right places for your music

We will offer artists tools to find the areas and businesses that are best for their particular style of music.

Grow your fanbase beyond your local area

Our service will offer ways for listeners to find information about songs, locate artist social media pages, purchase / listen to music through existing music platforms, and more.

Tour like a pro

Artists will be able to use our platform to find areas where their music is popular and target those areas when planning a tour or searching for gigs.